Understanding What a Pregnancy Clinic Is


Who comes in to a pregnancy clinic?

The more common client to a pregnancy clinic is men and women who find themselves in a position in which they need to confirm pregnancy and would like more information about their choices and resources. You may experience a range of emotions when you first learn you're expecting a child, from enthusiasm to worry and beyond. You want your baby to be healthy and your pregnancy to go as smoothly as possible, whether this is your first child or your third, and whether the pregnancy was planned or a surprise. 

What resources can a pregnancy clinic help with?·       

  • Pregnancy Decisions Coaching by trained coaches
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Information about pregnancy options
  • Parenting, adoption, and abortion information and resources
  • Material resources
  • Post-decision support
  • Medical services including: Consultation with a licensed medical professional, limited diagnostic ultrasound for confirmation of a viable pregnancy, or if you are someone that is needing testing for sexually transmitted infections and diseases

What can you expect when you visit a pregnancy clinic?

Clients are served regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, income, country, religion, disability, or other arbitrary factors. Clients are treated with respect, compassion, and consideration. Clients are always given honest and candid answers and all information is kept confidential.

The Simi Valley Community Pregnancy Clinic can be reached at 805-583-3598 and more information can be found on their website at 

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