Sanctity of Human Life Month

month of Janaury

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22nd as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day which marks the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade court decision legalizing abortion.  Each year since, we commemorate the SOHL Sunday on the Sunday before this date, as well as the whole month of January, in order to give thanks for the gift of life and to reaffirm our commitment to the dignity of each human being.

Beyond this, it is a way to connect churches and people to real, impactful opportunities in our community to support women, their unborn children and families that need life-affirming hope, help and care. Please consider partnering with us! 

As a church, consider these possibilities:

  • Pastors can prepare a special message on the sanctity of human life
  • Show a video highlighting the importance of life
  • Have a CPC speaker come speak to a group at your church or give an update on the ministry
  • Hold a diaper & baby wipe drive in support of women and families in need
  • Commit to pray for the women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, the unborn children and their families