Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following will help you prepare for your upcoming appointment with us.


Q. Are you a medical clinic?

A. Yes. We are licensed by the California Department of Public Health under the designation of a Community Clinic.


Q. What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

A.  We only ask you bring a photo ID.


Q. Is it true your services are free?

A. Yes, we are a non-profit clinic and all of our services are free of charge.


Q. Do you do STD/STI testing for men?

A. Yes, we provide testing and treatment for both women and men.


Q. Will I see a doctor?

A. No, we have registered nurses who perform all medical services (pregnancy testing and ultrasounds). Then, our medical director, who is an MD, OB/GYN oversees all medical services and reviews every ultrasound examination.  


Q. Can my boyfriend/husband/mother/friend/other come with me for the ultrasound?

A. Yes! For your privacy, they will be asked to remain in the lobby until the intake process is completed, then staff will escort them to the ultrasound room.


Q. Is there someone that my husband/boyfriend/etc. can talk to about pregnancy etc.?

A. Yes, this is a major life event that affects both parties! We have resources and support for the guys too. Have him call and ask to make an appointment.

Q. Can you tell me the sex of my baby?

A. No, our nurses are trained in Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound. This ultrasound is to verify key aspects of the initial pregnancy, specifically the location, size and heart rate to confirm a viable pregnancy.


Q. Do you provide ongoing care during my pregnancy?

A. No, we provide the initial verification of pregnancy. We can, however, provide you with a list of practitioners in the community and will encourage you to begin OB care right away.


Q. If I have decided to have an abortion, can you do the abortion or help me find an abortion clinic?

A. No, we do not perform abortions, nor do we refer for abortions.


Q. Do you have any post-abortion services?

A. Yes, we have a 9-week class that meets here at the clinic on off-hours in a small group setting 3-4 times a year. Call to get more information about the PACE class. 


Do you have any additional questions? Call the office at (805) 583-3598 and we will be happy to help.